About Us


We are a Durban based architecture practice that places professionalism at the heart of our work. Our Practice creates tailored spaces that are carefully considered, commercially efficient and are designed to make every interaction meaningful to the people that encounter them.

Each of our projects are brought to life through rational insights, creativity and collaboration, resulting in highly crafted designs with strong elements of personalisation and material innovation.
Established in 2007, our portfolio spans across retail, commercial, industrial, high-end and affordable residential work, working in close collaboration with renowned brands, property developers and private clients.

With a reputable name in the field of architecture, Tony Whitfield has established a renowned reputation since 1983 with the successful, and now dissolved, partner Practice of Ellens and Whitfield Architects. As the current principle of MCA, Tony oversees bold, expressionist qualities with an innate understanding and accommodation of clients’ needs.

After 14 years working under the mentorship of Tony, Brad Tomlin has, in recent years, stepped up into a Management Role at MCA. With a growing architectural career, capped off with an exciting stint in Dubai, Brad is well placed to take the MCA vision into the future, as the practice continues to consider each Project with it current and future needs, resulting in spaces that are both functional and timely.